Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Resources from the Gathering Day 1

In an effort to continue sharing resources and knowledge, we're hoping to keep track of the resources and websites referenced in the sessions of this Gathering. So if you have a link to share, email Danielle (danielle.martin at umb dot edu) or comment to this entry!

Opening Session: Making an Impact

Project Think Different

Sites for distribution:
Google Video

Arts Engine - larger organization
Media That Matters Festival - curated social issue media festival; now can see all previous years' films streamed online, with context. - become a member, and you can post movies and get newsletter

Outreach & Impact Worksheet (Coming soon!)
example from Close to Home, Dorchester MA

Concurrent Session: Youth

T.O.L.D's beat making tool: Mad Player
Dean's MOSAIC video blog

Technical Nuts & Bolts

Jen (Bay Area Video Coalition) - Coming Soon: Tech Rec's doc

Christefano - Open Source examples:
Mozilla Firefox - web browser
Red Hat - open operating system on the $100 Laptop
Open Office - alternate to MS Office
Drupal, Civic Space or Plone - website content managment systems
Fantastico - install software on server with easy interface
Dynebolic - to run Linux off a CD for PC's; especially good for old machines (even Pentium 1 with 64MB memory)
Jahshaka - open source real time editor
Ubuntu - most popular Linux distribution

JaModi - Free Software options:
Audacity - audio editing (free)
Windows Movie Maker or iMovie
Tech 4 Learning
Avid Free DV Version
MS Photo Story 3
Garage Band (mac)

Also, keep checking Jamodi's DEG Production video blog ( for how to videos.

DVD Rendering:
Sony DVD Architect 3.0
DVD Studio Pro (mac)
VisualHub - $
Isquint (free) - save to H264

Compression hints:
Dean Gransar's Curriculum (last page)
Quicktime Pro
Current TV Survival Guide
Secrets of Videoblogging (book)

Also check out the Do It Yourself Media Toolkit (by Morgan Sully, CTC VISTA @ The San Diego Community Technology Coalition) - list of open source digital media application

Upload your photos from the event to Flickr and tag them as " gatheringofdigitalstorytellers " or join the Digital Storytelling group.

We forgot to mention one of my favorite personal free photo editors: Picasa! It's from google and very easy to use. Just google "picasa" and you can download it. -Cheryl (;

PS. this gathering has been amazing - I'm so jazzed for the community we are building!
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