Thursday, June 22, 2006


Next Steps?

How do you plan to bring the knowledge you gained at the Gathering back to your own community and/or organization?

Comment to this entry to share your thoughts!

Here's some ideas from the wrap-up discussions around Technical Assistance and Training Next Steps, what we need:

Ways to stay connected online:
- creating a product of best practices, including tools, and a list of resources, distribution techniques, information about copyright (Creative Commons), links to online curriculum materials
- centralized resource with links, tutorials, op ed's; where everyone can focus on the work, discuss in forums or listservs, an event calendar, and a wiki for material development
- geographic workgroups
- also how can we put stories online but have it be interactive and interpersonal connections?
- participation in massIMPACT's strategization around how it can expand digital storytelling in different areas
- collaboratively created portals (small committee to figure this out)
- channel of video content (Broadcast Machine)

Ways to stay connected in real life:
- annual magazine or publication
- anuual conference
- getting stories on cable access stations
- striving to connect to communities that don't have technology access involved
- Mobmov - car projectors; outdoor drive-through
- public spaces for stories such as an exhibit
- mobile production truck (such as John Lennon bus, StoryCorps, Container Project, Museum of People)
- on a local level, weekly/monthly optional meetup
- future conference in locations without a lot of technology infrastructure; and could invite local community activist.

Hello all! I made it back to California and am recovering from a month of travel but feel excited and inspired by everything that happened with the Gathering. Tasha and I have followed up and will be in touch soon with information about blog expansion and an email list, as well as various notes from the event. Thanks again for your participation, and we look forward to staying in touch!
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